What to Expect

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about FBCScottsdale. If you have any questions, please feel free to email our office at anytime! We would love to get to know you and help you become a part of what we do here. We are a church that believes that you are not just another body, but a person with value that can help all of us grow towards Christ together. Here’s what you can expect in stopping by:

 First, we would love for you to attend one of our Sunday morning worship services. In this service, you will be invited to join us as we sing both traditional hymns and modern contemporary worship music. You may even recognize some of the songs from today’s Christian radio. Apart from singing, we encourage everyone to engage in reading the Bible and praying together. While some of the elements of our service may be new to you, like communion, we strive to make this a safe place for you to explore your faith. Come in jeans and a t-shirt, or feel free to dress it up a little bit. Our worship service is a place for all people from all walks of life; so come as you are.

 Second, we encourage you to become a part of the community, as we believe that those who pray together stay together. As you feel ready for the adventure, we would love for you to try out a Grow Group or two where you will be able to share life with people a lot like you or nothing like you, whatever strikes your fancy. In this group you will be invited to share as you feel comfortable and share in life’s burdens with others. In these spaces, we will explore God’s presence through Biblical learning and social interaction. Some groups even have snacks! Again, we want you to come as you are and believe you will be an important part of our growth together towards Christ.

 Third, (although we totally understand if you want to do this before joining a Grow Group, we accept rebels) we would love for you to try out your gifts and skills by joining the fabric of who we are. We will not force you to hold babies your first week, but we would love for you to ease into some point of service. Some people are gifted with teens, others are gifted in teaching, others play a mean guitar riff, and still others love leading illustrative science experiments with children. No matter the gift, we believe you are an important part of what we do here week in and week out. We also know that God calls us to go serve outside our doors and would love to help facilitate that adventure. No matter the place to serve, we want you to become a part of all we can be. We want you to explore and cannot wait to serve together.

 While this may all feel like quite a bit, ultimately, we want to be a home where you can come pull up a seat and join us in honoring God. We will promise to greet you with a smile as you walk in and help plug you in wherever you feel ready. We look forward to having you join us! As the (good) Jr. High cafeteria memories come to mind, we remember holding our food tray and some friend scooting over and saying, “of course there’s room for you here!”